Cardboard Light Pendant small - flamingo pink

Cardboard Light Pendant small - flamingo pink
  • Cardboard Light Pendant small - flamingo pink
  • Cardboard Light Pendant small - flamingo pink
675,00 DKK
Cool og helt unik pendel i pap, lamineret med mat coating , der gør den nem at rengøre
ø:40cm, h:27cm
1,5m ledning 
pakket i flad æske, nem at samle
Made in Finland

Andbros is a design company of four creative professionals, founded in 2011 and based in Helsinki.
In a short period of time, it has taken its place as one of the most interesting companies in the business.
The awarad-winning Andbros products are inspiring, imaginative, ethically produced and ecological - not to mention a lot of fun!

The Cardboard LIghts were created out of the need to design modern lamp shades that match up to today's values and needs.
Ecological material choices, recyclability, local production and the ease of storing and shipping are just a few of The Cardboard Lights
features that make it more than just a sum of its parts.

The Cardboard LIghts are made out of ecological corrugated cardboard by laser cutting.
The material consists of three elements: a white, 3mm thick corrugated cardboard base, color-giving cardboard and matt veneer that make cleaning the shade easy.
There are currently nine different color alternatives avavilable: white, black, graphite grey, polar green, pea green, buttercup yellow, orange, flamingo ping and light blue.

The Cardboard Lights fit to small packages that are easy to ship and store thanks to their lightness and size. The lamp shades are easy to assemble - just a few screws and the lamp is ready for use.

The production of The Cardboard Lights takes place in Valkeala, approximately 200km from Helsinki. The Factory laminates the corrugated cardboard, lasercuts the shade parts and glues the parts together. The final assembling is done in Helsinki where each individual lamp is inspected to guarantee the best possible quality.
AngelLiving - Nordre Strandvej 339 - 3100 Hornbæk - Telefon 23320212 - E-mail - CVR 1362 4534
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