Decanter - Cariz

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Decanter - Cariz
  • Decanter - Cariz
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Imponerende sammenhæng mellem form og funktion...

CARIZ reminds of wild organic structures from nature though providing a balanced Picture due to its clear, austere form. A freely superimposed glass thread by which the colour of the wine miraculously comes to its own by light reflection makes each decanter Unique. The internal structure of the elevated glass thread in the decanter CARIZ optimally aerates the wine when pouring it in the decanter as well as when serving it. The mouth-blown decanter impressively stages enjoyment when drinking wine at table. 

Drop protect, stops drips, prevents stains: Perfect functionality, gleaming finish, our decanters and carafes represent excellence in form and function. The specially refined Drop Protect finish keeps drips inside the glass, so preventing unsightly stains from developing. All our decanters are easy-to-clean, dishwasher proof and ideal for restaurant use.

h:500mm ø:130mm


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