økologisk fyrfadslys

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økologisk fyrfadslys
  • økologisk fyrfadslys
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A conscious step towards sustainable trade, day by day: organic tealights from Engels candle manufacturers. Manufactured responsibly for quality, aesthetics and nature; made using certified raw materials, they also comply with the high standards of the Quality Association for Candles. These paraffin-free, organic tealights are made from 100% certified organically cultivated materials and will be produced in an environmentally friendly way, under fair working conditions. These tealights are distinguished by their superior flammability and an extra long burning time of 8 hours. 
AngelLiving - Nordre Strandvej 339 - 3100 Hornbæk - Telefon 23320212 - E-mail abelone@angelliving.dk - CVR 1362 4534
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